Welcome to the Spring 2021 Praxis Blog!

This blog is serving as a platform for students to share their culminating Praxis course projects and presentations with fellow students, faculty, staff, field supervisors and partner organizations. Visitors to this blog can view and comment on individual presentations by clicking on these links (also found at the top of this page) Praxis Independent Courses, Praxis Fieldwork Seminars, and Praxis II Courses. Comments are very welcome!

We usually hold a Praxis Poster Session on campus at the end of the semester to provide an opportunity for Praxis Independent Study and Praxis Fieldwork Seminar students to share reflections on their Praxis experience and celebrate experiential learning with members of the campus community and partner organizations.

We all had to adapt in many ways as the Covid-19 pandemic forced us to transition to largely remote teaching and learning in mid-March of 2020. While we are unable to talk and celebrate in-person this Spring Semester, we hope that this blog allows us to still come together as a community to learn about Praxis courses and celebrate experiential learning, adaptation and resilience.

In the spirit of community, we hope that you can take some time to view Praxis students’ blog contributions and post your comments!

The Praxis team
Nell Anderson and Liv Raddatz